'tips for autism' is passionate about making complex information about ASD simple so that people can understand, support and appreciate the unique characteristics of individuals who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 


The 'tips for autism' team professional development was first held in 1999.  Since then over 5000 people have participated in the course.    After 15 years of learning (reading, researching, presenting, working and living with ASD), we have demonstrated an ability to make evidence-based information accessible to a wide range of audiences.  


The Ministry of Education conducted an independent evaluation of 'tips' (by Massey University) over a 3-year period.  This evaluation concluded that the course was a high quality course.   Feedback is also sought from participants at each tips course.  This consists of about 20 questions about the course.  The feedback average (out of a possible 5) from all participants to date in 2013 is 4.75. 

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1/209 Mill Road, Otaki 5512, New Zealand

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