The owner and developer of 'tips for autism' is Keryn Mells.  As well as the ongoing development of the 'tips for autism', Keryn has been involved in a number of other projects:

  • Member of the Ministry of Education reference group, education stream and  Advisory Group member for the New Zealand Guidelines Implementation 

  • Technical Editor of the New Zealand Guidelines Group ASD web materials.  These materials are now hosted on the Ministry of Health website.

  • Writer of a number of Ministry of Education publications including ASD for Educators

Keryn has also presented at a number of national and international conferences including Autism NZ and APAC (Asia Pacific Autism Conference.


What we do

"Wow!  An amazing three days.  This would have to be the best professional development I have had for relevance, resources, team work etc.  We have so much to reflect on, review and do to support our boy.  Thank you for your input – what huge hearts."


- Course participant 2012



"The NZ ASD Guideline states that those who “work or live with people with ASD can improve the outcome … if they have the necessary skills required through appropriate education” … ASD courses should be readily accessible and be of a high quality so that learning and outcomes can be maximised. This three-year evaluation showed that ‘tips for autism’ is such a high quality course."


- Massey University evaluation

'tips for autism' team professional development courses are run throughout New Zealand through a licence with the Ministry of Education.   In addition to providing the course materials and keeping them current, we work with the Ministry to recruit, train and provide ongoing professional development and competency for the (currently 20) facilitators who run the course.


Each course has 8 teams (parents or carers, teachers, specialist staff and others) who support a student (aged 5-12).   In 2013, the Ministry supported the teams around 238 children to attend one of 35 courses (1130 participants).  

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